The study planner will help guide you through the training materials, directing you to the modules and resources that most suit your needs. It collates information about your interests, experience, confidence and knowledge in all of the subjects covered in the materials.

What are the benefits?

By using the planner, you can:

  • Create a personalised study plan
  • Work through training modules and monitor your progress
  • Download or print a study plan to share with tutors or mentors

How does it work?

There are seven broad subject areas covered by the training materials. Firstly, we’ll ask which of these you’d like to include in your plan – choose as many or as few as you like.

You’ll then need to indicate your existing knowledge of these areas. Based on how you respond, we’ll follow this with some more specific questions, drawn from the training materials. This isn’t a test; it will just help us identify the right training modules and study level(s) for your plan.

You can fill in as much of the planner as you want, but responding to all sections will produce the most well-informed plan. It shouldn’t take long and you only need to do it once if you save the results.

Using your plan

Once you’ve finished, you’ll see a page listing the modules that we recommend you review. You can print this and/or save a PDF version.

The plan will suggest a sequential order for you to work through the modules, based on how different subjects relate to each other. However, you can follow a different order if you wish.

You can use your study plan to keep track of what you’ve done. Additionally, the progress review tool that’s available within the modules will help ensure your learning experience is as effective as possible.

View an example study plan (PDF, 26KB)