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What is it?
A young girl with her teacher on
                  a safety mat in a school gym

The Engagement Profile and Scale is a classroom resource which enables educators to observe and document the engagement in learning of a student with CLDD and track their progress towards a personalised learning target.

It allows them to focus on the child's engagement as a learner and create personalised
learning pathways.

It prompts student-centred reflection on how to increase engagement which leads to
deeper learning.

How does it work? (1)
A young boy and his female teacher
                  sit side by side facing the camera

The Engagement Profile and Scale is a multi-dimensional approach that focuses on the following engagement indicators:

  • Awareness
  • Curiosity
  • Investigation
  • Discovery
  • Anticipation
  • Persistence
  • Initiation
These seven engagement indicators form the basis of the Engagement Profile and Scale.

How does it work? (2)

The Engagement Profile is carried out with a high interest activity and the Engagement Scale is used with a student's low interest activity. More information about the Engagement Profile and Scale can be obtained from the Schools Network link below.

Access this site and read the material about the Engagement Profile and the Engagement Scale. Find out more about the Engagement Profile and the Engagement Scale and pay particular attention to the following sample documents:

Focusing on engagement has really opened my mind to the impact of my teaching to the pupil's learning. Time needs to be taken to observe and focus on the indicators that show a pupil is engaged. Once we have addressed this we can then personalise the pathways of learning for our pupils. We need to ensure that our pupils are engaged before learning can take place and we can help to reinforce this through engagement profiles.

Class teacher, 2010

Using the Engagement Profile and Scale

In the following clip, staff work with children using the information that they have identified from the Engagement Profile and Scale.

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